I've been listening to stories since I could breathe.

My mother always reminds me of one of the first stories I wrote about Big Bird and a pretty princess. Spoiler: the climax is the Backstreet Boys "suddenly" coming down on a cloud. As long as I put it here voluntarily, it can't be used as blackmail. These days, I'd like to think my stories have gotten slightly more professional. I generally write flash fiction, short fiction, and some prose poetry. I'm finally working on the novel that's been bouncing around in my head since I was 14. I write whatever stories capture me, whether factual or just true. Most common question posed to me: Did you just come from the gym, or are you just dressed like that? Answer is generally about 50/50. I'm mildly intolerant of most foods, but that's probably a good metaphor for my outlook on people. You can usually find me inventing my own worlds where there is significantly less snow than there is in Boston. 

I'm looking to expand my skills and write anything I can, including venturing into technical writing, copywriting and journalism.